Friday, September 26, 2008

Grandparent's Day

Today was the Grandparent's Day celebration at Katey's school. It is also my Mom's birthday and we were lucky that she was able to come up from Sarasota to celebrate both! They had a little program and sang some songs.........Katey was having none of it! It was pretty funny because most of the children (as children do) screamed the songs as Katey just sat there in complete indifference. She perked up as soon as we got back to her room and she got to hug her was all positive from that point on. She skipped nap time so as soon as 7:30 hits, so does her head on the pillow! :)

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Lesa said...

Hey Leigh, Love the photos and love the Obama Pin.

Oh, and Katey sounds just like Wendy. She got really shy when my neighbor and I were there for her grandparents day.