Friday, September 19, 2008

Another first.........sushi!

I have been so "pictured out" since Katey's birthday, but I finally got something worth sharing. Okay, it's nothing earth shattering, but last night we went and had sushi for (Katey's) the very first time. She likes most of it........LOVED my tuna tataki which I finally had to pull away from her so I could eat a few pieces! Sita and I had to keep "shooshing" them so when they got outside, Anthony and Katey let out screams that I'm sure YOU probably heard. :)


Lesa said...

I'm surprised that a little girl will eat Sushi. Wendy tries some things, but not Sushi. I'm not a Sushi eater either. I think eating raw fish is gross. ha Now Mike and Holly on the other hand will eat it I think Lacy likes it too, but not me and Wendy.

Not long until we get to see you guys!!

mdtoorder said...

Happy Birthday, Leigh! It looks as if Katey had a wonderful time during her birthday and I hope yours is equally fun!

I'm hearing rumors that our British cousins (Elizabeth Pamela's kids) may be making a FL trip next summer, since her parents are in Ft. Myers, so if I have to take the train myself (ugh!), I am planning to be there too. Once we have dates firmed up, I'll keep you posted.

Miss you mucho! Hugs and kisses to Katey!