Tuesday, December 24, 2013

3 months later.......

Okay, so my last post was on Katey's birthday.  It's now Christmas Eve, ugh!  To recap our Fall.......
Katey had a great meet season........she finished either 1st or 2nd All Around in every meet, and finished 4th in State, competing at the Elite level (ie:hard!).  In January she moves up to Level 5 with 2 of her other teammates and we're all hoping that they work hard enough to be moved up to Optionals by Summer.  With all the gymnastics (4 days, 3 hours each day), you might be wondering about school.  Well, wonder no more, she's doing great!  Straight A's and perfect attendance the first grading period :)  Momma is proud!  In addition, she was selected to be on the Math Bowl team which was a huge honor.  Katey's an amazing child.......she is very focused and determined, yet as silly as any child can be.  She's a blast to be around and I'm very happy (as always) that she is mine! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Since Summer.......and Katey is 10 today!

I'm not keeping up with this like I used to, that's for sure!  Summer flew by........we went on a cruise in July, but the rest of it was pretty much work (for me) and camp/gymnastics (for Katey).  Meet season starts in 3 weeks, so the girls spent hours and hours working on their routines.  Katey doesn't like for me to watch practice, she wants it all to be a surprise.  That being said, I have no idea where she is with her new skills.  I will assume she is right on track and look forward to her first meet. 
Katey had her birthday party on Saturday.  She and 11 of her friends skated, played laser tag, ate pizza and cake, skated more and played in the arcade area.  Then they cashed in their tickets for crap (!) and skated more.  It was exhausting...........and I didn't do anything!  We're heading out to Brio in a bit for dinner.  HAPPY DOUBLE DIGITS KATEY!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

School is out for SUMMER!

Of course, nothing changes for me, but Katey's excited.  She starts camp on Monday and then her gymnastics Summer schedule on Tuesday.  Finishing the year with Straight A's (never even saw a B!), I am very proud.  She's such a conscientious student and is very proud of all of her accomplishments.  4th Grade..........here she comes!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rockin' along.......

As I mentioned in my last post, Katey was chosen to be an Ambassador at the Storytelling Festival.  She not only told her story in the opening ceremonies (in the beautiful auditorium at historic Hillsborough High), but she told it in front of a smaller audience in a classroom.  They also asked if she would videotape her story.....for future festivals.  One little girl loved it so much she and her Dad hunted Katey down afterwards and hugged her.  I think K felt like a celebrity.  That night, we went to the Taylor Swift concert.  She did not disappoint........we had so much fun!!  Exhausting day.........up at 6 and didn't go down until about 11:30.  Worth every second :)  Oh, and by the way, the photo of Katey with the TS decorated car is not our car.......the next morning at Target we saw it and thought it a perfect exclamation point to our night!!
A week or so ago, we got the news we (me) "feared."  Katey did get moved up to the next level so starting June 10, we are 4 days a week, 3 hours a day.......do the math and yawn!  Actually, it's great news and Katey is very excited.  I am going to have one tired little girl on my hands this Summer........Camp will start at 8:30 each day and she'll be going until practice ends at 7:30.  I'm guessing that I won't get any push-back at bed time!!!  One more month of 3rd Grade........time is flying!  Enjoy your day, every day! :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

April update

Since my Dad is gone, I don't know if anyone else even follows this blog any more.  I feel better keeping up with it though.......I feel like I'm still sharing with my Dad and it makes me feel good.
Nothing has really changed since my last big update.  Report cards came out yesterday and Katey got all A's again.  She is on track for a perfect, straight A year.  Next weekend is the Storytelling Festival that Katey was chosen to participate/perform at.  Since I have not been allowed to watch any of the "in school" performances (makes her too nervous she says), I'm very excited to see her in action.  Gymnastics is rocking along......her latest feats are the roundoff/double back handspring on the floor, the cartwheel on the beam and the front handspring off of the vault.  We'll find out soon if our Summer will involve 4 days, 3 hours each day.  We're now at 3/3, but with the new levels being announced and meet season in the fall, we all "fear" the 4/3.  Actually, the girls are all excited about being in the next level so when I say "we," I mean the parents.  An extra day of schlepping them to the gym and more $$.........wahoooooooo! All in all, everything is going very well..........can't believe 3rd grade is almost over!!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Since November.....

I have been a little busy and have totally neglected the blog.  We spent the majority of the fall in "meet season" and had a great time.  Katey overcame a lot of obstacles, worked very hard, and ended up being State Champion in her age group/level.  Very exciting!!! Thanksgiving was spent here in Tampa, with just the two of us.......needed to avoid any drama this year!  The Christmas holiday was hectic, but fun.  I'm adding a few "to recap" photos for now and will try to be better this year.  Happy New Year!  Okay, so here is more.......last time I tried to upload photos and the system wouldn't let me.....I'll try again today.  So, not a lot since I originally tried to post this.  Katey is doing great in school and in gymnastics.  Her most recent accomplishments have been her double back handspring and being selected as an "Ambassador" in the Hillsborough County Story Telling Festival.  She'll "perform" her story at the Festival in April and has a chance to keep going up the ladder and performing at other events and could be eligible for scholarship money.  Finger's crossed!