Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rockin' the BLUES!

Away from Facebook, I can totally brag on how Katey ROCKED her first gymnastics meet! They called her the very last and she scored the best on all events. Me, the proudest Mom in the room got all teary (shocker!) and even though it's an ugly picture of me (with the tears and all) I am posting it. Katey was nervous and weird all day so I was a little anxious wondering how she'd perform.......guess I didn't need to worry about that. She is SO excited and I am thrilled beyond belief!!!


Lesa said...

That is awesome, Leigh!!! You brag all you want dang it. :) I'm proud of her. Being that it is so late I will show Wendy tomorrow.
W wants to do Gymnastics again... I told her this summer we will allow her to do it.
I think she will be doing many things this summer.

Leigh said...

Thanks! It was a good day for sure! (well, until later that night when we got the call about my Dad) .......nice while it lasted!! :)

Lesa said...

Wow, bittersweet day.