Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy (early!) Halloween!!!!

Katey is so excited about trick-or-treating tomorrow night! Thought I'd take a few photos pre-H to capture a few less-chaotic shots. Oh, also, our pumpkin project last week...........took forever, and I'm very bummed that I have to toss them in a few days. Next year, I we will decorate fake pumpkins so we can keep them!!!


Lesa said...

Love her costume. Wendy wanted to be a witch this year. Girls told her it was boring, but it was actually a nice costume along with the GREAT shoes!
I have noticed that you have been to my blog,but no comment. :)( Sad not to hear from you. Hope we haven't done anything to upset.
Life has been so busy for us and with dad's passing anniversary it has been really tough this week so far.
Miss you guys and hope to see you soon. Mike keeps thinking of sending me and Wendy to see you one day. We have two tickets earned....

Leigh said...

Don't be silly. You know me.....I look at a lot, but rarely comment. Don't say much to anyone on Facebook either!!!
Post some Halloween photos.....would love to see them!
We're busy, busy though. Example of this week: Monday gymnastics 4-6, Tuesday chorus program 6-7:30, Wednesday same as Monday, today ballet 6-7.....exhausted!!!! :)
All is well........hope we can see you again soon too!!!! xo

Lesa said...

You two sound as busy as we are, but our Monday has the whole week rolled into it it seems.
Monday is school of course for Wendy, and Evan takes dance 2:30-3:20, then Wendy is brought up to dance by friend since I'm with Evan... Wendy takes from 3:30-4:50. Then we go home eat a bite and off again to dance from 7:00 to 8:20!
Wendy then has dance on Wed. Pre Pointe from 6:30 to 7:20! Too much in one week just with that and I can't squeeze anything else in or I will cry.
I'm surprised Katey is doing so much, but glad to hear she is still in Ballet. Believe me I know busy isn't fun. :)

Anonymous said...
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