Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Now we are Six!

I was jolted awake at 6am with a squeal and an "I AM SIX!" Katey was so excited about turning 6, she could barely contain herself! We got up, opened presents, ate breakfast and headed off to school so Katey could tell anyone/everyone she saw that she is SIX! After school, we continued our annual tradition (well, last year was the first) of getting manicures/pedicures. Katey feels like such a big girl whenever I let her get her toes done. The fingernails is a special treat since, by rule, I really don't like little girls in nail polish. I figure this will last about a week, and I can handle that. We then picked Greg up and headed over to Bonefish for a delish dinner. Since we already had "the" cake on Saturday, I took a cupcake which Katey and Greg split. All in all, a wonderful 6th birthday!!!


Lesa said...

Happy Birthday Darlin. Your package will be on its way soon. Sorry I'm so behind.

Guess what? Wendy has a loose tooth! Her front upper right tooth. She is so excited she could barely sleep last night. ha It is barely loose, but it wiggles!

Leigh said...

Katey will have such a cow over Wendy's loose tooth.......I'm not going to tell her!!! :) She wants one SO badly!!!

Lesa said...

You realize if she loses her tooth before we go to China all smiling photos will be so different!

What is it with loosing a tooth? ha

Lesa said...

Leigh, did Katey get our package? I hope so we sent it last week. Let me know.