Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early Birthday Celebration

The countdown is on! 3 days from now, I will be the Mother of a 6 year old! We started the festivities with a family party in Sarasota on Saturday. Katey was SO excited (to the point of being obnoxious!) when her cousins came over to celebrate. We had pizza and cake (not my best creation, but it was cute) and PRESENTS!!! It was a perfect beginning to "Celebration September!!" Tune in on Wednesday (the actual day) for more excitement.......


Gina said...

I think your cake was beautiful! Happy Birthday, Katey, from the Sorrells Family!

Lesa said...

Very pretty cake as usual!

Happy Birthday Sweet Katey. We love you kid! We have your present all we need to do is wrap and mail it.

Wendy misses you like crazy!

Love you,

Wendy, Lesa, and Mike along with Holly and Evan!