Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No school!

School is closed this week so today went to Busch Gardens with Anthony, Katey's friend from school and his Mom, Sita. We ran around for 3 hours and got out of there before the major crush of the crowd. Katey's going to miss Anthony next year because he starts kindergarten at a new school. :(


Lesa said...

I can't believe it will be time for Katey to start Kindergarten this coming year!! Noooooo....

Wendy has one more year since her birthday lands in November.

Sue said...

It is incredible how fast our kids grow up. I still can't believe Katelyn turned 8 and Lizzi Lu 7.


Aunt Ginny said...


I look at that picture and all I see is a future prom photo! I am so glad Katey will be the very oldest in her kinder class next year. It will give her SUCH and advantage. See you this weekend!
Love, Ginny

Lesa said...

Ginny, and Leigh,
I was thinking the same thing when I first saw that photo. Grin


Leigh said...

Okay, if we're all being honest, I was thinking the same thing! It definitely looked like a "couple" photo. Hey, she could do a lot worse....Anthony is adorable and his parents are awesome!!!