Monday, January 21, 2008

Best Parade EVER!

It's that time again.......Gasparilla! With the threat of thunderstorms, tornados, etc., we went to the Gasparilla Children's Parade......a much milder version of the "real" parade next weekend. The parade had just started (maybe 5 floats had gone by) when they cancelled it (due to the weather that everyone knew was coming!!!) and started directing the floats down a side street. Needless to say, not a bunch of happy campers! I decided that we should walk down toward the floats to see if we could find the Wells Fargo stage coach and my co-workers.......I figured we could at least get some beads from them. WELL, on our way down, we passed a ton of other floats, the riders in the process of disbanding. We literally got pelted with beads.......we were the only ones there for a few minutes before the rest of the crowd realized what was happening and came running. As we were walking home, Katey (who could barely stand up straight from the weight of her beads) said "Mommy, that was the best parade ever!" I looked at her under all the beads, then looked at my watch and realized that we hadn't even been there an hour (usually 3 hours minimum) and I said "yes, you are right, it was the best EVER!" She hung her beads in a row this afternoon for your viewing pleasure! :)


Lesa said...

What fun!! I would say that was the best ever.


Aunt Ginny said...

Katey is the most photogenic child on the planet!