Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween night with the cousins in Sarasota. The weather was decent and the neighborhood quite generous with the wonder we saw people sneaking in the gate to trick-or-treat! Katey and I made her Katara costume (Avatar:The Last Airbender if you didn't know) and she just loved it........looked like the real thing if I say so myself! She especially liked "water bending"........I know it was a boa........use your imagination people!!! ;) Over for another year......gotta get the Switch Witch's candy out so she can pick it up tonight and get it OUT of my sight!!!!

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Lesa said...

Good job on the costume. I have many photos up on the blog. Many are random and all over the place. What can I takes forever to put that many up at one time.
Wendy was Alice from Wonderland and Evan the King from the same for her birthday bash.
Then Wendy went as Morticia from the Adams Family and Evan Buddy the Dinosaur from Dinosaur Train on PBS for Halloween.
They had so much fun and it was especially fun watching Evan for his first.