Sunday, November 22, 2009

Win or Lose, it's always GREAT to be a Seminole!!

Of course, winning makes it SO much easier! Katey and took a mini vacation to Tallahassee this weekend for, what might be (you never know) Coach Bowden's last home game. Personally, I think he'll come back! Katey was very excited to get to wear her brand new Christian Ponder jersey and loved seeing JJ and Michael, Ginger's boys. We had a fun visit, even though the game was stress-city. Guess we should be getting used to these types of games, but I long for the blowouts of old!!! After the game we headed over for the post game gathering at the Bowden's house. Everyone thought Katey was wonderful.....she was the definite hit of the day. Fun weekend, glad to be home and off to bed!!! Go Noles!!!!

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