Sunday, October 25, 2009

Who's Zoo-ing Who? :)

I'm trying really hard to plan at least one outdoor activity every weekend. It's hard since Katey is the only child....not as much fun hanging with Mom, especially when there are so many fun friends around. Last week we went to the park and met Libby and Ty, and yesterday, we went to the zoo and invited Keaton to go with us. Katey and Keaton went to PCUM together for 3 years and are now at different Elementary schools......Katey really misses her PCUM pals!! SO, I braved the zoo with 2 wild 6 year olds and we all had a really good time. They are at a great age where they really want to learn about the animals (especially Katey.......I think she might end up being a Vet) so we did a lot of reading and really studying the animals. We were there for about 3 hours (trust me, plenty of time!!) and then ended the day at McD's where they sat at a table by themselves and I was banished to a little booth a little out of the way......I could still see them and they felt so grown up so no biggie!! :)

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