Sunday, July 12, 2009

FUN weekend!!

Ginny and Susan came up on Saturday to spend the day/night with us. Katey was SO excited that Susan was coming and she kept that level of excitement up all weekend. I think she thought she too was 8! We got to Busch Gardens when the gates opened and stayed until late was fun and HOT! We followed Busch Gardens with a yummy dinner at The Outback and then a fun (first ever!) their matching pj's. The girls giggled for a little while, but they were wiped out (as were we) and fell asleep pretty quickly. I think Ginny and I were asleep soon after! This morning we got up and went to see Ice Age 2....again as "twins,"and ended our visit with a trip to McDonald's. We were very sad to see them go but are excited about the next time they come up. GREAT time!!

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Lesa said...

Sounds like my kind of fun! I'm glad that they got to visit.