Sunday, February 17, 2008

May I brag?

As I was busy working at my computer this afternoon, Katey started working on her new puzzle. It's 100 pieces and the age-range is 6+. Color me proud when she called me in and had finished it! I guess a 1000 piece jigsaw is next? ;)


Lesa said...

Good Job Katey!!

Wendy just loves Puzzles!! She has been working the tiny 100 piece for some time and love the large ones too (Melissa and Doug)
One of the ladies that works with Mike sat her down with a 1000 piece, because that is all they had at work, and she managed to put 5 pieces together in less than a minute. Maybe there is something about our Gao Girls!!
I am so proud of Katey. I bet she could do the bigger ones too.
Does she love to mess them up and start over and over like Wendy does?

Hugs from Lesa

Aunt Ginny said...

Obviously Katey is gifted! The whole puzzle in 3 minutes!? She is a hard act to follow. Brains and beauty!