Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our first post

Hello everyone! After keeping up with many of your lives through blogs, I thought it was about time I joined the club. What better time to do this than on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of my "Gotcha Day!" It's hard to believe that I've had my Katey for 3 years. I thank God throughout the day, every day, for choosing this perfect little angel just for me..........and let there be no doubt......he DID choose HER just for ME! I don't think that there was any kind of randomness in our being together. She was born to be my child, I truly believe that. In saying that, Katey is the happiest, most wonderful child. She is so funny and smart and talented.......naturally my child, right? ;) I'll do my best to keep up with this on a regular basis (I'll try to follow Kelsey's example!), but in the meantime, here is us then and now.......3 years, unbelievable!


Lesa said...

I'm so proud of you, Leigh!

Go and take a look at mine as well! Hey I love comments as much as any one does. grin.

Happy "almost" Anniversary!!!!


L H said...

Good for you! I can't believe with all the homepages I have, I've never created a blog. Must get on that bandwagon too! Katey always looks so happy and we love seeing pictures of her in any format. She graces our fridge multiple times over! I also borrowed some E-mail addresses for those long-lost relatives whose addresses I didn't have. I'll forward your E-mail to my parents too. Hugs to you and Katey from all of us!


Aunt Ginny said...

Wow! How trendy and current you are. I am not familiar with the whole world of blogging but I cannot imagine a better subject matter. Can I expect daily postings? Love, Ginny

septemberfirst said...

ha ha ha :) glad to see i've set the bar high- you can do it!!

Renee said...

So beautiful. You both are truly blessed.

Love, Renee

Sue said...

I am really impressed! You almost make me want to try setting up a blog.

Happy "almost" anniversary! It is hard to believe that it will be 3 years.


Donna said...

I am so happy for you guys! she is beautiful.
See you soon,